Jordan and Monica Wedding

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Jordan and Monica


Have you ever met a guy's parents, then come to find out they live in a mountain land oasis?

Well this bride did. So when he asks you to marry him, why would you want to get married anywhere else?

Jordan and Monica exchanged vows at his parents property in the Silver Valley near good 'ol Baldy (Bald Mountain to be exact). I have to say, I expected to be bundled up and FREEZING while shooting this outdoor ceremony in North Idaho in November. It was seriously the best November day EVER. The sun shined, the birds flew. the brook babbled. Oh did I mention the river in the back yard? There indeed was a river in the back yard. 

All the gorgeousness aside, We just loved spending the day with Jordan and Monica. They are certainly dedicated individuals. How many couples do you know who have BOTH completed an Ironman Race? I mean thats like 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles on a bike, and then, as if that wasn't enough, a 26.2 mile run. 


Jordan and Monica oozed love and not just the gushy kind, but the kind that lasts a lifetime. Their  commitment to marriage and also their commitment to their son, shined through in every way that glorious day in the mountains. 

Daniel and Alaina Wedding

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Daniel and Alaina


If I could describe Daniel and Alaina’s wedding with one word it would be “Classic”. I know this word is overused and really has lost its meaning, but if you could have been there, you would understand. Not only was it an iconic traditional church wedding, but the reception was in a private orchard with only their closest friends and families. AND....Alaina wore an amazingly beautiful vintage wedding dress! There were, however, a couple of "non-traditional" elements to their day and I feel compelled to share.

By far my favorite part of Daniel and Alaina’s glorious day, was how they chose to start their wedding reception. Like I said before, this was a very traditional ceremony in that the bride and groom chose to not see each other before the wedding. Therefore, as you would expect we ended up taking their “bride and groom” photos directly after the ceremony and immediately preceding the reception. As their guests arrived to the reception, they were offered drinks and hors d'oeuvres to enjoy while waiting for Daniel and Alaina’s grand entry.


 So….back to why I loved this part…instead of having the caterers pour champagne glasses in preparation for a toast at their arrival, Daniel and Alaina chose to serve ALL of their wedding guests a glass of bubbly. What a way to honor the guests at your wedding! I loved watching (and taking photos) as they worked as a team, Daniel holding the precariously positioned glasses on that silver tray and Alaina following him placing a glass in each guest’s hand. 


I have to say I was really moved by the way they chose to put their friends and family above themselves in this unique and simple gesture.  The true character of Daniel and Alaina shone through on their wedding day as I’m sure it will every day for the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

Oh yeah....and then there were also piñatas and a piñata cake! So...I would consider that non-traditional. Hahaha.


Niko and Kate Wedding

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Niko and Kate


We cannot get over how this sweet and elegant wedding is just oozing with charm. From the rolling fields and meadows to the picturesque rustic barn, Kate and Niko made being joined in holy matrimony look like a piece of cake (oh and be sure to check out that cake!). 



Wedding Coordinator: Valerie Mesenbrink at All About You Wedding & Events

Cake: Linda Appell

Catering: Ekness Catering

Dress: Marcellas Bridal

Location: Private Residence in St Maries, Idaho

Marathon 1.0

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Marathons...who would ever want to run that far?  I mean, there is usually free beer at the end but wouldn't it be better to just pay the 4.95 and skip the 26.2 miles?  I used to hate running.  Probably because it was always used as a form of punishment during high school sports.  It becomes a learned behavior after several "Henderson! I said 86 dive! Did I s-stutter?! Go run 40s until you graduate!", one starts to develop a slight distaste for running.  However, there is this problem that emerges around age 22.  All of a sudden you can't just eat whatever your little heart desires...well you can (we are in America after all), but the results are often not pretty.  That is the story of how I started running, well that and being broke and too poor to pay for the luxurious things in life (like cream puffs and indoor roller coasters).  

In the beginning, I was in Australia.  Actually in the beginning I was in North Idaho, but we will skip to the part about Australia.  My wife and I had just sold everything we owned and moved across the world in pursuit of warmer weather, which come to find out, the US actually has warm weather in parts other than North Idaho.  Unfortunately, no one told us that so we moved to the land of kangas and the strangest slang I've ever heard.  A couple months after we arrived, I quit the job I was working for reasons that I won't get started on.  This is the lead in to not being able to afford luxurious things and thus focusing on things.  

For the most part running is free.  Everyone likes free.  The term "Free" excites people because they believe they can get something for nothing.  So actually running is not free.  Running requires a lot to get a little, but the good news is that it doesn't take a lot of money to get started.  All you really need is a pair of shoes (this is a fact, no matter what crazy barefoot runners tell you) and a couple legs.  This scenario fit my situation perfectly.  I was in Australia, I wasn't about to let the obstacle of money keep me from seeing and experiencing all the new-ness around me.  So I ran.  At first it was only a couple miles every other day or so.  Then I decided I wanted to go a little further and a little further, then it was every day.  Running gave me the opportunity to see parts of where I lived that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.  It also gave me the opportunity to encounter a possum late at night, but that is another story.  

Lets jump ahead to race day.  With roughly a year and a half of running under my belt, it was time for the longest run I had ever attempted.  26.2 miles.  Less than one percent of runners ever complete a full marathon, at least that is a statistic that I heard once and it was the entire basis for my motivation to complete a marathon, so it better be true.  I'm not sure that you can ever feel completely prepared for your first marathon, but I can tell you I didn't.  I had a goal in mind that I was fairly confident that I could attain, but nonetheless didn't feel I had stuck to my training routine as tightly as I should have.  I think one of the most amazing aspects of running such long distances is the opportunity to experience extreme mental discomfort.  Now you may think I am sarcastic, and partially I am.  There is something almost spiritual about placing your body and mind in discomfort.  I don't mean this in a new age type of spiritual, but rather in the sense that we try so hard to be comfortable in our lives.  We treat discomfort as a negative, and of course it can be, it can also be a catalyst.  Around mile 22 I had this thought; challenging yourself to a place of discomfort (mentally or physically, or both) is an opportunity to remove the callouses that the pursuit of comfort can produce.  Believe me, I was in plenty of discomfort at that point, but I was also a little excited to be there.  I am convinced that too much comfort in life leaves us feeling numb.  Yet, it is so counterintuitive to pursue discomfort in order to find comfort.  In part, this is the answer to the question at the beginning; why would you ever want to run that far?  Now that I have tricked you into thinking this would be a pithy article about how I hated running, learned to love it and then hated it again after running for hours on end. As the great Michael Scott says "How the turn tables".  I guess this has been more about a truth I have realized than anything else.  This is an article meant to stop the epidemic of sleeping in, watching a little more TV, playing a few more video games, browsing a little more Facebook/Instagram/Myspace (just kidding, I don't think Myspace is still on the web is it?).  Fill in the blank with whatever mind numbing activity you spend your time on, maybe find something beyond your comfort zone and do it.  It doesn't even have to be physical, check out a group, engage with your community in a new way, or go salsa dancing, shake things up.  After all YOLO (it was a pithy article after all). 

 CDA Marathon 2014 - Time: 3hr 32min

CDA Marathon 2014 - Time: 3hr 32min